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Medical Insurance

For most employees, medical insurance is considered the most valuable benefit an employer can offer. We’re here to help you select a plan that’s a perfect fit for both your employees’ needs and your company’s goals.

Benefit plans may include:

  • PPO, POS or HMOs
  • Flexible coinsurance and deductible amounts
  • HSA-compatible plans
  • Fully Insured and Self-Funded Options
Dental Insurance
Employees often view dental benefits as second only to medical insurance. We’ll help you choose dental insurance that compliments your employee medical plan, whether it’s an existing plan or one we put together for you.

Benefit plans may include:

  • Orthodontic coverage
  • Pediatric Dental coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act
  • Flexible deductibles and coinsurance
  • Options for benefit maximums
Vision Insurance
Periodic eye exams can provide early detection signs of common diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension. Catching these diseases early can often lower your overall healthcare costs.

Benefit plans may include:

  • Copays from $10 to $30
  • 12 month or 24 month frequency for frames and lens
  • Annual eye exam coverage
  • Pediatric Vision as required by The Affordable Care Act
Section 125 Plans
Made possible by Section 125 of the IRS code, these plans help both employers and employees save tax money. Employers can save taxes on their group benefit plans while offering employees a way to save taxes on money spent out-of-pocket for medical expenses and dependent care.

Section 125 includes Premium Only Plans, Flexible Spending Accounts, Dependent Child Care and Cafeteria Plans. Money allocated to a Section 125 Plan is subtracted from the employee’s taxable income, and it’s free from employer-paid Social Security and Unemployment taxes.

Life Insurance
Life insurance represents another valuable benefit your employees will be eager to take advantage of. Most companies offer basic group life insurance, which is employer paid. Supplemental life insurance provides additional coverage and can be purchased by employees through payroll deductions.

Benefit plans may include:

  • Flexible schedules and maximums
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage
  • Dependent Coverage
  • Conversion Option
  • Portability Option
Disability Insurance
Sage Partners can work with you to enhance your benefit plan by adding disability insurance coverage. You’ll have the option to pay the entire cost or to share the premium with your employees.

Benefit plans may include:

  • Short Term or Long Term coverage
  • Flexible beginning dates for benefits
  • Flexible benefit durations
  • Rate guarantees
  • Vocational rehabilitation assistance
Wellness Planning
Employees who take the steps to remain healthy cost less to cover because they have fewer health risks and less chronic disease. What’s more, employers who offer wellness-planning solutions often see improvement in employee performance thanks to better overall health.

Wellness programs can include the following:

  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Nurseline programs
  • Stress management
  • Wellness newsletters
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Health fairs
COBRA Services
Administering COBRA services and ensuring compliance can be complex. And non-compliance can be costly. Eliminate the time-consuming worry by having Sage Partners recommend a third-party administrator for your COBRA needs.

Outsourced COBRA services include:

  • Distribution of notifications, correspondence and election packets
  • Issuing termination notices as required by law
  • Election form processing
  • Tracking of key dates for accurate, timely response per administration requirements
  • Providing HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
  • Collecting and remitting premiums
  • Providing activity reports
HR Consulting
Through our partnerships with the ThinkHR Corporation and HR360, you have access to expert HR advice and the answers to even the most complex HR-related questions.

Services include an HR Hotline that puts you in touch with professional HR Advisors right when you need help. And an extensive HR Library that includes thousands of documents, forms, tools and templates to suit any HR Department.

Plan members can access these and other HR resources at any time.